Silver City Museum and WILL Present: A Community Conversation – Sundry Mosaic: Clubs, Associations and Societies

A Sundry Mosaic: Clubs, Associations and Societies in Silver City on April 15 takes a look at organizations that helped better our community through the years. Susan Berry shares how different groups have met a variety of needs and interests. These ranged from education and health to culture, workers’ conditions and charitable efforts, as well as recreation and pleasure. 

As Silver City grew and matured, government stepped in to fulfill some of these functions, like education and healthcare. Yet, the urge to gather together and make our corner of the world a better place continued throughout the 1900s, taking several new directions. Now that COVID has receded we are gathering together in person again. 

Conversation begins with a panel of members from several local organizations, and it continues with questions and dialogue from the audience. We investigate – how have these groups and organizations changed during the years? How do they contribute to our community today? 


Saturday, April 15, 2023


11:00 am - 12:30 pm