In November 2021, the Silco Theater went back to its MainStreet roots.

In 2006, the building was being used as a thrift store and the owner wanted to relocate to another town. The MainStreet board leased the building, getting income from an upstairs apartment, and renting out the street level retail spaces. They also started renting out the space to the community for events. Over the next ten years, the board was not able to raise enough funds to purchase the building so the Town of Silver City agreed to purchase it with funding from NMFA. With the building purchased, MainStreet was able to secure more renovation funding through the state HPD. In 2016, the theater was renovated to closely match its 1940 design.

The Silco has done its job in making downtown Silver City more economically viable with shoppers downtown after 5pm and with an increase in evening dining. We plan to make the theater more multi-use as we move forward. We have expanded the stage, allowing for more performance-based events. We are in the process of updating sound and lighting systems, and plan to eventually install a retractable screen, so that our stage will function as a true theater space. Please support your local hometown theater.

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